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Argentina and their love for porn 2018

Argentina is a country in South America, it is known for their women, their mate and also for being the home of Poringa one of the biggest adult websites in Argentina, it is visited for a lot of people and their owners are the same of Taringa!, also a famous website started by Fernando Sanz in 2004.

Today we’re going to talk about Argentina and their impact of Adult Media in the country, and for this, we’ll use the help of Pornhub Insights, one of the branches in this website that only collects and transform data into awesome charts, so we can evaluate the information provided by their users.

I’ve to say I was impressed by the amount of people that watches “videos porno” in Argentina, there are tons of people that day by day, connect to the internet to look for MILFS a slang for calling out sexy mature women, such as Lisa Ann one of the xxx stars more famous and with more years in the industry.

Argentina porn

Argentina is top #16 in Porn consumption in 2017

This ranking helps to rank websites, the #1 country in this category is unsurprisingly, USA.

Argentinas love Transgender category, being one of the most visited in the previous year, they seem to love.

The top pornstars:

  1. Jordi el Niño Polla
  2. Mia Khalifa
  3. Alexis Texas

Click to visit their twitter accounts.

The top Categories:

  1. Anal
  2. Lesbians
  3. Hentai
  4. Transgender
  5. Mature

And of course, like other countries in the WWW, they tend to have this home love, their top search queries are “Argentinas”, “Argentinas Pendejas” and such.

Top websites to look for XXX in Argentina.

There are a lot of websites to see adult content in South America, in this contest we’ll only show you the fastest websites, the ones with more content and diversity, and the ones that provide with amateur movies.

For this reason, here’s our pick for top porn websites

  2. petardas

These are our picks for xxx websites we recommend and are sure that you’ll love as much as we do.

Argentina has way much more to offer than adult content

We know it, argentina is a country that has a lot of history and in my humble opinion, is one of the greatest countries in all South America, it’s full of interesting things and don’t get me started on their food, their women, their history and of course, their honor for Futbol is something I’ve only seen in countries like Colombia, or even Mexico, but there is this European vibe that owns Argentina like no other South American country.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article about DATA, it’s interesting to know what kind of fetiches each country has, and not only that, but what is to see in this beautiful place in the south.

Porn websites are booming, and each day, a new one is made, this is the reason we should talk about what websites deserve to be bookmarked by you.

Stay tuned, Lucas.

Pornhub insight (source)
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The future of parachutes for commercial airplanes

Parachutes play a very important role in technology and safety in the air. There has been quite a debate related to commercial airplanes having parachutes in two forms:

1) Parachutes for every passenger of a commercial flight.

2) A giant parachute for the whole airplane.

the future of commercial airplanes

So, the first option, which is providing a commercial airplane with a parachute for every single passenger is much less possible. It is believed that it would create a chaotic disaster.

Why? Imagine the airplane going down, with everyone panicking, trying to get their oxygen masks on and maybe their life jackets, and then… in the middle of all that, trying to figure out how in the world to strap on their individual parachute.

And, it wouldn’t stop there. After they’re finished putting on and adjusting their parachute straps, they would now have to proceed with exiting the airplane, one by one, and knowing how, where and when to pull the strap that releases the parachute for their safe landing. Oh, and they should also know some basic landing steps and techniques to ensure even more their own safety.

Skydiving is an activity that is carried out with prior individual training. And there are many factors involved in the option of making skydive possible. That aside, some of the most common commercial airplanes, like the Boeing 737 for example, have a 200-pasenger capacity, including the crew members.

These types of airplanes fly at 35,000 feet, this is nearly three times higher than an aircraft for a couple that decided to go skydiving for their anniversary. Therefore, that changes the situation, too. That involves more equipment needed, like an oxygen tank, a ballistic helmet and an altimeter for the passenger to be able to breathe the thin air at that particular altitude.

As you can see, option number one is the least feasible option, even when we didn’t talk about the added weight that parachute equipment for 100 – 200 passengers would mean for the aircraft itself… which would translate into around six thousand extra pounds.

And, that leads us to option number two: a parachute big enough to support and safely land an entire commercial airplane.

First, it is almost imperative that we understand or at least have a slight idea of the weight of an airplane. An empty commercial aircraft will have a weight of 14 tons minimum (CRJ200 operating empty weight) and can go up to 575 tons (A380 maximum take-off weight).

A suitable, feasible and secure parachute would need to be able to hold this weight capacity and slow down its landing speed. Sound simple to you?

Small non-commercial aircrafts, of around five passengers do have a whole-aircraft parachute, but there are way smaller and way lighter. That is actually the beginning of this progress in the making. And, yes, this option has already resulted helpful in emergency situations, and it has saved lives.

And, even though it is definitely not an easy task, there is a big amount of people working and experimenting to make the commercial airplane parachute a reality in the future. There are still groups of people that believe it is not possible and it should not be attempted, but there are many others, like we said, working on the necessary calculations to get there.

The NASA is one of those interested ones working in the development of these giant parachutes. Now, again, it is important to understand the dimension of what we are addressing here. First of all, we know that flying is the most secure way of transportation today. This means the number of accidents is statistically very low. And, when these accidents do happen, they tend to occur during landing or take-off, which discards the use of a parachute.

Another factor of accidents or aeronautic problems is weather. Aircrafts obviously struggle with bad weather, and if pilots find strong winds, lightning, thunder, etc., it would be absolutely counterproductive to release a huge parachute in the middle of a hectic thunderstorm and wish for their best.

This just takes us to realizing that individual parachutes are completely out of the way as a possible safety measure for commercial airplanes. And, a Godzilla-size parachute for the entire aircraft is a possibility for the future, but it is still under extreme testing and analysis. Will the incredibly smart engineers solve the world of equations this involves to make it a feasible and safe reality?

We’ll have to be patient and see.

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Parachutes for airplanes already exist… but only for small airplanes

Parachutes were initially invented for the secure landing of a person descending from high altitudes. And they are still used more commonly in these types of situations. The military forces around the world employ the use of parachutes and their respective needed training for special attacks or in rescue missions.

The design of a parachute helps decrease the speed of the fall caused by gravity and the weight of a person or any other object. Without a parachute the chances of surviving a fall from an airplane would be zero, by obvious reasons.

Thanks to the parachute a person can descend much slower and land safely. It is also employed in the extreme sport called parachuting or as a unique and popular adventurous activity, called skydiving, which is basically a synonym of parachuting.

So, we all understand that parachutes are an amazing source of help when it comes to impacting land… but is it possible for a whole airplane to use a parachute? And with this question, we don’t refer to the passengers… we mean the aircraft.

airplane parachute

Would you think that a parachute big enough for a whole airplane could exist for emergencies?

Well, the answer is yes… and no.

Yes because some aircrafts actually already have this kind of parachute integrated and have even used them, but as of late 2013, the largest type of airplane that has carried and used an attached parachute, was a light five-passenger one.

That’s where the “no” answer comes in. You see, different manufacturers have been, and still are, working on making this a reality, but it is definitely not an easy task. That’s why only relatively small aircrafts have had the opportunity to count on a parachute for security.

Another question comes to surface at this point, as well. If it’s so much of a trouble to adhere a parachute to the entire airplane, why not include small parachutes for individuals, along with, or maybe even instead of, the current life jackets that commercial airplanes have with them?

That’s a good question. And we have a good answer. According to several specialized, trained and experimented personnel, it would actually turn out to be more dangerous to actually carry parachutes as a safety measure for commercial airplane passengers.

If you’re an adventurous type of person, and by chance you’ve done skydiving, then you can relate more to this fact. When a person goes out to skydive, there is an instructor (or more than one) giving you indications, basic land training and they help you with all the necessary equipment you need to take; from the special suit, to the eye protection, the safety straps, etc.

And they don’t just give it to you, and expect you to know exactly how to put it on and adjust it where it needs to be adjusted. No, of course not, they walk you through the entire steps.

That being said, it would be completely counterproductive to include parachutes in commercial airplanes and expect everyone to calmly and correctly wear the parachute equipment, which in such a tense and dangerous moment would cause more chaos without a doubt.

So, yes. Parachutes can be used for whole aircrafts and save lives, but only for small ones, still. But that’s actually good news because it means that we’ve had a major progress in aircraft security.

Engineers, manufacturers and a group of people in the NASA keep experimenting and developing new technologies to make it possible for a big airplane to carry a parachute not too far into the future.

Cessna and Cirrus are some of the companies that are working hard in the development of this equipment. Another big name in the industry at the moment is Boris Popov, who is the founder of Ballistic Recovery Systems, which is based in Miami.

Popov has been investigating and experimenting for many years now. He was motivated and inspired by an experience he had when he was a young man. Years ago, he was flying a glider, when he suddenly lost control of it and was dropped into a lake from about 500 meters high. He survived and encouraged himself to find better ways to manage and offer aviation safety.

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